Saturday, March 10, 2012

Roan's Blessing

Last weekend was such a special weekend. We had tons of family and friends come into town to help celebrate Roan's baby blessing. 

We made sure everyone got a chance to change Roan's diapers ;) 
Roan loved his Aunt Bonnie most of all and even Uncle Glenn got to hold him. 
 Lars brother is an X-Men by the way 
I love this pic because it has Roan's half smile smirk, so charming  
Here he is with all of his Grandma's
Grandma Barlow, Stark, and Madsen 
4 Generation picture, my Grandpa Nelson, Mom, Me, and my son :) 
Roan and his best friend Dane, they are holding hands with only slight assistance 
 Lars hates my cotoure model blue steel posing
On Friday we had a pizza party and also made Aebleskiver, a danish pancake dessert thingy. Really good. Lars father, Ivan, who is from Denmark got to gab in Danish with our friends Aaron's Dad who served a mission in Denmark. It was a fun evening.   
Dane's family also had him blessed  
The Mom's :)
Roan has the smirk again that I just love
 Our funny pic group shot
 The Madsen Family
 The Barlow Family
 The Stark Family
 The V-Town Family
The Man of the Hour :) He wore one of Lars old baby outfits
 Roan smiling for Grandma
 And then modeling his really cool Viking hat that my dear friend Karen got me
My parents stayed an extra day so we could continue the fun and play cards.

Thank you all for coming and we missed those that couldn't make it. 
I love our family and I am so happy we will be together forever. 


  1. You look hot in the group picture! It was such a fun weekend and I'm glad we got to share it:-) Your little man is such a cutie.

  2. What a great weekend! Looks like you guys had a blast. Is that Bryan in the V-town photo? No way! Haven't seen him since my family moved to North Idaho. Cool. How far apart did Roan and the neighbor's kid end up being?

  3. Christy we had our kids 4 days apart. We basically switched due dates. It was nuts, but awesome.

    That was Bryan and he is still the same old awesome guy. Jason and Julies kids call him Uncle B.:)

  4. Thanks for sharing the pics- I just had to get my fill of him- he is seriously so freakin' cute, girl. And I thought he looked like Lars at first but now I'm seeing alot more of you- maybe it's when he's smiling, it's a personality thing ;)

    I'm not sure if it was this post or the previous one where you mentioned he wasn't napping well- is that going any better? Just wanted to say don't give up on it (or the pacifiers for that matter, it takes them a bit to be able to coordinate it) and you're not alone. After Gabe's sleep strike we finally figured out how to actually set aside time to make sure that he gets a nap no matter what. We were starting to get into the tired baby can't sleep- gets more tired cycle and wanted to break it, so for awhile we were putting him down all the time. You know he should still be napping 3-4 times a day, depending on how long they are. Once they've been up for 2 hours they're ready to go back down. So do what you can to get him that naptime and once you can I think you'll see some positive changes!

    And I friggin' LOVE his hair in that one pic- reminds me of Conan O'Brian's "wave" hairdo!


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