Sunday, June 10, 2012


In the last month we have experienced a few "firsts" for Roan.

First time being sick...kind of. 
After Roan had his four month shots a rash broke out on his back and face. However he seemed happy and content. Only difference to him was the rash and he slept more. We tried not to think anything of it. The next day the rash had spread to his entire body and he was very very warm. Yet still very content and happy. His temperature was taken throughout the day and it was steadily rising. We called our nurse and she told us to bring him in. At the time we thought it was either a heat rash or a reaction to the shots. When we took him in they found it was only a viral rash, like a cold but for your skin. LAME. Don't get me wrong. I am so glad it wasn't anything bad, but being a first time Mom I let myself get all worked up and worried over it so it was kind of a let down and a relief. I was actually more disappointed with myself for reacting the way I did. Next time I will do better. How he got it....we aren't really sure. It is only contagious through saliva. The rash went away after a week and he was none the wiser about it. He still smiled and played and acted normal. I love this kid for that.

Here he is being happy
It looks a lot worse in real like than in the picture, and that is not first time Mom talking :)

First hair cut....
I never would have guessed that I would be giving my kid his first hair cut at 4 and half months. I put it off for a long time because I loved his moppy hair. But it was getting out of control and would not style and he (and other kids...DANE) :) were starting to pull on it. So we trimmed it and it is already growing back full force. I kept almost all of it for his baby book. He is even blonder now as the edges of his hair were brownish like mine. Now he really looks like Daddy.

Almost looks like two different kids.

This is just the start of a whole new world of firsts. I hope I can handle them all with grace and ease. 

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  1. That's amazing. Mine don't even have hair to cut until after they turn 1. Go Roan! I love him.


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