Sunday, June 10, 2012

Growing in Front of the Mirror and on a Chair

I noticed that there are a few places I always take pictures of Roan. Today I took all those pictures and put them together so I can see how big Roan has gotten in the last few months. 


(This is actually the chair in the Mother's Room at church)

At times I think he looks like a completely different kid. He went from lump to boy and from a serious kid with a brow to a goofy smiley kid. Even though the changes are fast I love seeing him grow. 

Oh and on a side note.....
he has gotten bigger but I am getting smaller. I can fit into some of my prepreggo clothes now and 
hope to keep that change going. 


  1. As I was reading this one I was thinking "He is growing but she sure is shrinking" :-) So cute!

  2. I love it! He's so handsome and you look so proud and beautiful. What great pictures. It makes me realize that I don't take many pictures of me with the kids, it's usually just them. I should do that more. There aren't many of my mother when we were young probably for the same reason.

    I need to see Downton Abby, my peers talk about it all the time. When do you find time to watch shows? Maybe I will now that daycare is done and school is out.


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