Sunday, June 10, 2012

Actors, Actresses, British Shows....BABY

SO I realize that a lot of my posts are all about Roan now. I can't help it that he is so dang cute and I need to document it for the world to see. This is how some of my long distant family and friends get to see him. I do still have an identity and will share that with you now and it will be baby free. 

Let's talk about actors. 
You know who I find to be the best action actor star ever. 
Jason Statham
Not only is he hot, he does most of his stunts, and is very charming on screen. Over the last year I have been watching every movie he in. That is a lot of Guy Richie movies. 

Let's talk about actresses...
I think that Katherine Heigl is probably one of the most beautiful persons ever. She looks really pretty and normal for an actress. By normal I mean she has some nice curves and seems down to earth. I love all the movies she is in and have seen most of them. But I still haven't seen Grey's Anatomy. 

Ya know what else I have been into lately. British shows! 
Thanks to Netflicks and Hulu Plus I have been watching the following:


The only thing sad about British shows is that they are only 6-7 episodes a season. This can be good because they cannot waist an episode on any "filler" story but it also leaves me wanting more. I highly recommend the above tv shows. Especially Downton Abbey, if you aren't on that bandwagon yet then there is something seriously wrong with you. Check them out. 

I am glad we had this blog and you got to see a little more of me that had nothing to do with my fun, loving, hilariously awesome baby boy Roan. Now onto the really good part of this post. 
Scroll below for more pictures of him


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