Friday, July 6, 2012

Every Girl Has One but Only Some Admit IT

Okay ladies it is time to come clean. The secret needs to come out. Each one of us has at least one and you all know it.  No matter your social status we all have one, maybe two. Some of us try and hide it, other don't even bother fighting it. Now is the time to be honest and open about it. They aren't bad to have, sometimes even funny, and other times a little gross. There are two sides to a coin and this is one of them. Ladies, I am talking about a Nerd Crush. You know what I mean. Like a crush on a bad boy rebel but on a geeky nerd instead. I have one and today I am coming out and saying it. 


Richard Ayoade

He is a writer, director, actor, and comedian. He is very funny and well cute. Especially his character Moss from The It Crowd. Moss is a standard nerd who in his innocence does and says the funniest things. 

Here is one of my favorite "Moss Moments". In this scene his boss, Jen, asked him to lie for her if a certain gentleman came around. Moss tried to tell her that he is not good at lying and doesn't know how to.
This is what ended up happening....

Move over Beatle Mania and make room for Ayoade Mania !!!! America is about to be invaded full force by this nerd because he is staring in....THE WATCH

So there ya go. This is my Nerd Crush. Who is yours?

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  1. Hahaha I love this!! My nerd crush is currently Jason Bateman's character Michael Bluth in Arrested Development. Although I don't know how nerdy that actually is. LOL.


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