Saturday, July 7, 2012

5 Months and other stuff

 Roan is 5 months. To be honest month 4 and 5months have blurred together. I think he is the same just more wiggly and awesome, of course. We haven't had him weighed or measured so I am gonna guess and say 17 lbs and an inch longer than last month. We will know for sure when he has his 6 month appointment.
I swear his arms are longer. He can reach out and grab anything within reach. It is really cute to carry something by him and he throws his arms out to dance for the object. When he is hanging onto something and it falls he tries to regasp it but misses. 
He went from being a chatterbox to a spitting bubble maker. We  now call him, "bubbles" and his friend Dane will hence be known as "Chuckles". Bubbles and Chuckles will be going on the road with their act in the Fall. Advanced tickets go on sale next week.

Roan is able to sit up with some assistance now.
When he feels like it he is a rolling machine and moves around a lot. I see the boy coming out in him more and more and though I am excited for his new endevours and interaction with the world, I am also a little freaked out that he is going to be that kid who gets into EVERYTHING! He is startled easily and jumps if someone catches him off guard or is suddenly loud.
He still loves to eat his feet.

He loves the swing.
Roan and Dane are the best of friends. It is so much fun to watch them interact and try and eat eachother. One time when they were together someone made Roan cry and Dane immediately, (seriously within a breath of Roan's cry) Dane started crying too. How sweet is that? He cried with his friend because he felt his pain. We let them hug a lot and I am so glad he has someone his age to play with.
He is still sleeping through the night. He is a very loud sleeper at times and bangs his feet on the matress. He is still in our room and that will be changing very soon because frankly I am loosing sleep.
Roan has sensitive skin. He has a constant rash on his face from drool or something. He also get them around his legs from time to time. We tried keeping it dry and now I am using a cream that was recommened to me. I have been told 101 things to do about it by 101 different peoples unsoliciated advice.

***Just a side note that one of the MOST ANNOYING things about being a parent is getting constant unsolicated advice. I realize it comes with the territory. I try to be polite and not let it get under my skin. For the most part I can handle a few people but when I am tired I seriously don't want to deal with them and begin telling people what they want to hear just to get them off my back. I know my son and I can take care of him and I am awesome at it! Sure I have days where I feel terrible and inadequet but I don't need people making me feel that way and tell me what I am doing wrong by just looking at my son and opening their mouths. I deal with that enough in my own head. When I want advice I ask for it. I don't mind discussion and learning new things. Thanks but really NO THANKS especially when I am tired. Side Note Over ****

As for me life has seemed to be busily passing by. When I started work a few months ago I was working earlier in the day. Now I am working a later shift so by the time I get home I feed my family and do a few things and then it is time to go to bed. I do get play time in with Roan before I go to work. I really look forward to weekends because it allows me really family time. We are settled into our life routine/schedule which will be changing up after July as Lars will be a stay at home Dad while he looks for work.

I haven't jumped on a scale for 6 weeks because I have been afraid too. I weighed myself last week and I have lost 7lbs since returning to work. HOORAY! I still have a little ways to go to reach prepreggo weight and then a little more to reach my new goal weight. I am on my way and feeling more confident. Clothes are fitting better and it is almost like a new wardrobe when I fit back into my old clothes. My goal for July is to hit up the gym once a week. My wrist has been feeling better. I don't have to wear the wrist brace as often. The tailbone isn't as noticable but I am still taking Ibprohen daily for it.
For Father's Day this year we celebrated by doing whatever Lars wanted to do. He said he wanted to test drive Ford trucks and cars and that is exactly what we did. Roan was so good the entire time and Lars had a blast. Then we went on a crazy adventure with our friends and enjoyed each others company. I didn't take a single picture. SO happy Lars is my man and a wonderful Father to Roan.
I love being Roan's Mom. He is so special!

Here is a video of his bubbles performance. I love the constant changes of his eyebrows.


  1. Roan is getting so big! I still say it is way unfair that they are only little babies like this for like two seconds. It should be dragged out for longer! Haha.I know what you mean about unsolicited advice. I think that comes with the territory when having a baby! Everyone always wants to put in their two cents, especially random older ladies. Don't worry, they just want to feel like they know something. YOU are the real expert on how to take care of your son! Miss you guys, I hope you come to Utah in the near future!

  2. He is seriously one of the coolest kids ever. So cute! How wonderful that he was so good on your trip. I hoping Lydia will be for our trip in August. She didn't fare so well in the 1 hour car ride to go camping last week so I'm scared.


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