Sunday, July 8, 2012

Solvang and Camping

Each year we have an annual camping trip with our Vallejo friends. Like here and here. Even though it is with the same people, that we love and enjoy, a new adventure is always had. We revisited Big Sur and took a larger crowd with us and camped for an extra day. 

On the way up to the camp site we stopped at Solvang, an old Danish settlement. 
We ate at this restaurant know for their famous yummy Aebleskiver's
This is what the plate looked like upon being served. 
 And this is what it looked liked afterwards. A very nice plate wouldn't ya say. :)
 Then we walked around Solvang. There were a bunch of shops and Danish landmarks.  
 We sampled some chocolate from one of their shops and the boys got a lot of attention from all the tourist. 
We were only able to stay for a few hours but hope to return in the near future to get the fuller effect. 

When we got to our campsite Roan was a huge help getting everything set up for us. 

 He helped so much he got tuckered out and actually slept a lot while we were there. Camping with a baby was no different than our regular daily outings at home. We played, ate, slept, and he tagged along like a champ through it all. I think he had a blast and enjoyed soaking in all the new wonders. 

 Our matching hats
Jamie and Emily (she is 1 year old) {photo bomb by Stephanie}
 The play pen for the boys. No girls allowed! Each time Emily had one of the boys alone she would attack them. Dane got a toy whacked in the face while Roan was sat on and punched in the chest. Next year the boys will be bigger than Emily so she better watch her back. 

 Taking in the view of the stream
 My favorite picture ever!
Playing on the rocks after climbing them 

 Our men with their camera settings :)
I feel so warm with my hat on :) 
 I thought our shadows were cool
  Roan adored Elijah. They were the best of pals. 
 We had walkie talkies to converse with our friends while en route. "10 4 good buddy"
Nelia and Cocoa
 Not sure what he thought of the water, it was cold 
 Dad was nice enough to warm up his feet
 Emily tried putting the moves of Roan
 The Dads {photo bomb Aaron}
 The Mom's
A hiking we will go!
 Love this just describes how fun and goofy Elijah is.
Twins or not. This is Elaine, one of our friends daughters. Her and Roan could totally be related. 
Roan was such a good traveler. He slept most of the time we were in the car and when he wasn't asleep he played and was content. We were able to stop every few hours to rest and feed him so it all worked out. 

On the way home we stopped to view the Elephant Sea Lions. They were ugly but cool to watch. Oh by the way, the view during the drive on the 1 there and back was spectacular. The water was stunning and I saw a whale. True Story!
We ate lots of good food that I didn't take pictures of anything. We had annual cinnamon rolls, mountain man breakfast, steak and asparagus, chocolate cobbler, and new thing dutch oven turkey dinner. I threw down some turkey patties and surrounded them with veggies and topped with stuffing. Baked for about 30 mins and viola! Delicious. Next time we will try it with turkey legs. 

Funny story that we did not have pictures of...Our campsite was attacked by blue jays and squirrels very frequently. Seriously we foolishly left a watermelon out and they got 1/4 through it and we were only gone an hour. While packing up our campsite they kept darting by to call dibs on our scraps.  It seems every campsite we go to we are attacked by something. Year 1 blue jays and squeaker squirrels, year 2 raccoon's, year 3 blue jays and sneaky squirrels. We just can't win. Camping was so much! We can't wait until next year. Hoping to get into Yosemite. We shall see. ;)

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