Sunday, July 18, 2010

Camping 2010

It's that time of the year when we go camping with the Meuer's. I love California, but I miss camping in Utah. In Utah, you can go camping on a whim, just pack up the car and go, find a spot and pitch a tent. In California, we actually have to plan ahead, make a reservation, and pay money. It's still fun, but not as easy as Utah camping. This year we went to Henry W. Coe Park. Last year we went to Big Sur and loved it. This year we wanted to try something new. It was a private campground and had some nice views, but it was also dry and windy and not a lot of green beauties, plus they wouldn't let us have a fire. Still, the company was great, the food was good, and it was just nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of work and electronics for a few days. Below are some pictures of our adventure.
Elijah is pumped to camp.
Can you see the raccoons glowing eyes.
This raccoon caused so much trouble. He was a very gutsy fellow. Our first night he jumped on the picnic table while we were right next to it. He didn't mind us being there, he just wanted food and we were the first on his evening route. We were sure to put our food in our cars before we went to bed. On our last night we thought we got everything put away before he stopped by our site. As we were heading to bed we saw he was eating the dog food and we didn't bother him. Then he ran over to our table and picked up a zipped up backpack and took off into a nearby bush. The backpack had trail mix and other snacks in it. We swung at the bush to scare him off and recovered the backpack. He manged to zip open the pack and make off with the trail mix. At least we got our bag back and we have quite a story now.
Yummy Mountain Man Breakfast made by yours truly. We ate really good. Lars and I got a dutch oven and it makes such good food.
While on the hike we saw lots of trees that had a red fungus growing with it. It looked like someone painted the trees with red stripes and it was so cool to look at. Funny how something so bad for the trees looks so pretty.
The hike we chose led to a pond. Here we are resting.
This is becoming Jamie's pose for every camping trip.
The hike was long and most of it was up a steep hill which was quite a work out. In the end I think we hiked 6 miles. It was beautiful and fun but in the end....
we were tired...
so we relaxed when we got back...
all of us were pooped.
On the last day we found the park sign
Elijah and I posing
We finished off the camp trip with some traditional smores.
Cocoa was ready to go home.

Thanks for camping with us. We will see you next year.
Any suggestions on where we should camp next year?

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