Saturday, July 3, 2010

Me Day in SLC

I flew into SLC mid June to surprise my Mom for her birthday. Before I surprised her I had a much needed "ME" day in SLC. SO what did I do for my "ME" day. I ate all the food that love and miss so much. I met up with some old coworkers at The Judge, where I enjoyed their chicken enchiladas and infamous brownies and sugar cookies.
Then afterwards, literally a few minutes after the cafe, we went to Banbury Cross donuts for their world famous cinnamon donut and more. Seriously delicious. I know love Winchell's donuts here in California, but they don't have a cinnamon donut like Banbury's.

After I left SLC I met up with my in laws and enjoyed Pleasant Grove's Strawberry Days. It was so much fun walking around the festival and just taking in the fun atmosphere. I partook of their free samples and listened so a sales pitch from The Living Scriptures people so I could get a free DVD. It was a fun day.

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