Saturday, July 3, 2010


If you live in Utah and haven't been to Zupas then do me a favor and slap yourself on the wrist.

This place is amazing! While I was there in June my Mom and sister took me.
At first I was like, "okay another sandwich place. Whoopie-de-doo!"
Zupas existed when I lived there and I never ate there, but now I am kicking myself for missing out. All that time I could have gone there and enjoyed their fresh, tasty, and beautiful food. Everything I had there was good. Seriously delicious, fresh, tasty, and well priced and portioned.
They let me sample all their soups and they were amazing and flavourful. They had a variety to choose from. Let me tell you, the price is sooo right. You can get 1/2 sandwich and salad for just over $7. The half portions are huge. I had to share with my Mom and I am not one of those lite eaters either. I can definitely pack it in.
Salad was refreshing and good.
Sandwiches can be done panni style and they are perfect. This was a 1/2 sandwich, but its huge!

Yummy dessert! Seriously just tasty and perfect.

SO please visit your local Zupas and enjoy before you are living in the same regret I am.
As for you Zupas, please come to California soon.

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