Sunday, July 5, 2009

First Camping Trip of the Year!

We love camping. In Utah we tried to go camping monthly. Living here hasn't been the same case. In Utah we would rough it and just drive up the mountains until we found a spot we liked. Here we have to reserve a campsite and we have to pay a fee to get into a campground. So our camping trips will have to be planned out instead of spontaneous, which is fine. We planned a big camping trip with our friends from Vallejo, CA. They live in Northern Cal and we live in Southern so naturally we found a place in the middle, Big Sur. It was just off the coast and it was beautiful. It was very woodsy which I like because then there is shade. There was a mix of redwoods and other trees. There was also a creek that we hiked up and down. I love camping because it is relaxing and this was one of the most relaxing trips yet. I slept so much and enjoyed everything, the food, the company, and the beautiful world around us.
This blue jay taunted the dog by flying over him constantly and then myself by moving from the camera when I was trying to get a picture of him.

Lars made cinnamon rolls and then rice pudding and they were both delicious.
Awe! Lars made a furry friend. Our friends brought their dog with them, Cocoa. He was a good dog and very friendly.
The kids being

The boys spent most of their time here while the ladies cooked and hiked.

Nelia and the kids relaxing by a rock overlooking the creek.

This Squirrel was so loud and he kept eating the dog food. Later on we threw tiny rocks at this squirrel and his friends and I was the only one who was able to hit one. Mean right, I felt bad and found it later and apologized as if that made it all better. I am sure it won't stop him from taking food again in the future.

River Warrior Woman!

Lars and posed Jamie on the river

Resting after a hike down the creek. Jamie striking a pose!

This is a short video of what our campsite was like over all.

On our way out of the campsite we stopped at a view point to overlook the sea and there was a lighthouse I had to take a picture of. My mom loves lighthouses so this one is for you Mom.

After camping we headed up North to spend a few days at Jamie and Nelia's new house in Vallejo. We stopped at a fruit stand in Gilroy and had some of the most juiciest and sweetest strawberries I have ever had in entire life.

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  1. Those strawberries look luscious! I loved the look out picture too.


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