Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It tickles me that I live in CA!

I live in California now and each day something out of the ordinary happens to remind me where I live now. Usually it has something to do with the weather, traffic, stores, or the environment. When it happens I always chuckle to myself and smile and say I live in California and I love it.

The other day we had a practice fire drill in my office. Once out of the building we had to wait on a patch of grass away from the building. While waiting people were complaining about...and I quote..."It is the hottest day of the Fall." Why is this funny? Because the words 'hot' and 'Fall' are not usually used in the same sentence that way. The temperature that day was 95 degrees. Around this time of year I am used to 65 degrees so this warmer weather is a reminder that I now live in California. Hardy Har Har!

Another reminder that I live here is that there are no Fall colors on the trees. Palm trees don't change color. I miss the fall colors a lot. It is one of my favorite times of the year to walk around the trees and hear the leaves crunch under my feet.


  1. Yup, Fall is the best, I love it. But I still wouldn't mind a 95 degree Thanksgiving or Christmas.

  2. I must say I miss the climate of California, but it's Northern California that I miss. I personally think So Cal is for visiting. Speaking of which, wish we could pay you a visit sometime soon!


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