Saturday, October 24, 2009


Been a while since I have blogged so here you go.

Lars has been looking for work for a few months now and recently he has more aggressively been searching. The best way for that is through networking. So we have been advertising with our family and friends and church about looking for a job. A few weeks ago we went to a networking meeting through our church. It was like speed dating but with job hunting instead. I went with Lars to be supportive and all and I ended up giving out my card to get resumes for my company. More people should go to these even if they aren't looking for work. You could help someone or learn something. It was a really interesting experience. One thing that I noticed however is that a ton of people from across the board are out of work. I expected mostly people in real estate and the car industry, but we had people from IT, business managers, teachers, owners, artist, and more. It made me sad at how all professions are cutting back. I wish I could have helped them all. I hope things change and get better in our country so people are able to work again and provide for themselves and their families. Until then help people anyway you can because there are two sides to the coin and we may not know exactly what it is like for others.

Lars was able to find a job with the help of Quiet Agent, a job search finder tool, (not Craigslist, sorry). He had a few interviews and was offered a job as a med lab tech with UC Irvine. Hooray! We are so grateful for this and appreciate every ones prayers and support. It is also nice because we get to carpool together which will save gas and we get to hang out more. I can never get enough of my honey. So that's us for now. Until next time...OXOX!

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