Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Everyone

Merry Everyone, be merry because it is a merry time to be with merry people.

So its Christmas and we got to be with our families and we loved every minute of it. We left for Utah on the 23rd and the roads, weather, and traffic were just perfect. We were going to stop half way so we weren't driving in the snow at night but we were making such good time we kept going and got into town at 1 am on Christmas Eve. Getting there earlier meant extra time with family ~HOORAY~ And fun time we had. We got to spend time with Lars' Dad, Mom, and my parents. Here are the top moments of our Christmas Extravaganza;

Making the traditional Barlow Christmas Roll

Eating and enjoying the traditional Christmas roll

Taking cool pictures like this:

Looks like we have one head of hair, like my hair is connecting to hers. Cool huh

Seeing how grown up my nieces and nephews are getting

Seeing most of Lars' brothers

Sitting around chatting with my syblings

Seeing my niece and nephew enjoy their gifts that you can only get from Anaheim, CA

Playing with my nieces and nephews


  1. Fun! I'm glad you enjoyed your time out here!

  2. Thanks for choosing to visit this holiday. Sharing the pictures is appreciated. It has been so good to see you!

  3. It was so fun to hang out with you guys. Thanks for making time for us. We love you guys.


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