Monday, September 6, 2010

Moving on Out

We are moving this Saturday! We love our ward but not our apartment and our complex has taken a turn or the worst so as soon as our lease expired we signed off. We have been looking for apartments since June and we had a few top picks then we saw the Empire Apartments and they just felt like home. Plus the space, price, neighborhood, management, and ward are just right. We are excited for the change. I have lots more I want to blog about from this last month, our anniversary and San Diego trip, but I need to finish packing. After we are all moved I will sit down and catch you all up on the Barlow Life! Much love to you!


  1. I can't even tell you how anxiously our ward is awaiting your arrival! I'm sorry I can't be there to help you move in, but I'll happily help you settle once you get here!

    1. Just looking back on a few posts and comments. I love how the decision to move into the ward was one of the best things ever. It allowed me to make the bestest friends in the world. I love you.


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