Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Final Foodie Time In CA

There are a few CA foods I will miss that UT does not have:
Fish Tacos
Jack In The Box

Utah has the following that I am super excited for:
Crown Burger
Artic Circle
The Judge Cafe
Free Wheeler Pizza

Nevertheless I had a final foodie hurrah before I left. Seriously I went to Golden Spoon like 5 times in a row. The afterwards I found out Utah has a Golden Spoon. :p

I had an outing with my friend Roger in downtown LA.
This place called Langer's say they have the best pastrami sandwich in town.
My conclusion, it was good but I prefer my pastrami cut thinner.
We also had their chili fries, they were good, but to this day Ruby's has the best ever.

Roger just raved about this donut place. They have many fancy smancy donuts. Like...
bacon maple (pictured above) I was not a fan only because I don't like maple donuts.
Nutella-Big Fan
Irish Car Bomb-Too much to handle

Then we went to a dessert boutique called, Bottega Louie. Seriously it was pretty cool and weird at the same time. All the food looked amazing and the people looked too skinny to be eating any of it.
I can't remember what this is called but it was like a Snickers on steroids.
We also tried their lemon tart and chocolate eclair (it had gold flakes, crazy I know)

It was a great outing and I was stuffed. No I didn't eat all of it in one sitting I took a lot of it home. I look forward to new food adventures in UT to share with you.

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  1. I'm so hungry now.

    Are you sure UT doesn't have Jack in the Box? Because Idaho does. I guess if you were desperate enough you could drive up to Rexburg :)

    Also you probably knew this already, and this particular establishment didn't make your list anyway, but Utah is now flooded with In-n-out burgers too.


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