Sunday, January 24, 2016

Roan 4 Years Old

I have a 4 year old now. It is kind of hard to believe how fast time is moving. People say that it does and I believe them but it is still weird. One minute we are here and then in what feels like a few breaths we are there. With Liv and Roan's birthdays being so close I feel like I am reliving life when Roan was little. The other day I was clipping her nails and then I clipped Roan's nails. His hands were huge!!! I clip his nails weekly but for some reason on that particular day they looked like big boy hands to me. The older he gets the more I love him. I love his silliness and his endless willing to help and be involved in everything. I even love all his big emotions. Roan is so much like me. When he wants to play he does so hard. But when he gets bashful and emotional, he does so hard. Most of the time the big emotions are few and in between but we they are around we try and learn from them. This parent thing is still so new to me. I love all the interactions and conversations we are now having. Roan is smart and really good and putting things together and even better and sharing his observations and findings. 

Roan weighs 47lbs (100th percentile) and is 44.6 inches tall (96th percentile)

For his birthday we celebrated all week long. Sunday we invited family over for cake and ice cream. Roan wanted a Star Wars cake. 

 He got some cool Star Wars and DinoTrux toys, books, money, and a cool drawing tablet. 
 On his actual birthday I made him a special pancake breakfast
 This was the outfit he came home in from the hospital. 

 We played at home and then at Kyla's house, a neighbor who also shares the same birthday. 
 Then we went to our local Smith's where Roan was sung to with a trumpet and enjoyed a huge banana split which he devoured. 

 After a special Macaroni and Cheese dinner we played with his new Star Wars toys together as a family. 

We love this boy of ours and can't wait to see how much more he will grow!!


  1. Yay for being 4! Happy birthday, Roan!

  2. I can't believe he's 4!! Where does the time go??


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