Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Bear Lake Madsen Family Reunion

Lars Dad's family had a little reunion with all our trailers at Bear Lake at the very end of July. We really enjoyed this trip. Bear Lake was beautiful. We went to the lake and kayaked, relaxed around the camp fire, ate some delicious food, played as a family, and got shakes to celebrate Dad Madsen's birthday!! Hooray for family reunions.
Wearing pink like Grandma

Getting some Grandpa time
Is this house bothering you. Looks like its leaning
Name that movie???
While you were sleeping!!!
Getting some Uncle Ian time. :)

Attack Dad
Out on a ride

Who needs toys when you have a water bottle
Mans best friend with a posed photo
Roan loved being the caretaker for all the dogs
Vacationing is so fun it tuckers us right out. 

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