Sunday, January 4, 2009


I had a lot of time off these last two weeks due to the holidays. We closed really early on Christmas Eve and I was off the rest of that week, then New Years Eve we closed early again and had the rest of the week off as well due to office closure. Awesome, for two weeks in a row I got 4 day weekends. I loved it! Here is what happened during the holiday.

Christmas eve Lars and I made his families traditional Christmas Roll, which is basically a giant cinnamon roll, but we make the sweet dough from scratch and it is delicious and fun to make together. This is something we decided to do every Christmas as a family. It is something his Mom started in the 70's because she said her family didn't have any holiday traditions. So what do you do, you start your own.

Then on Christmas day we had breakfast with our neighbores family, Leighton and Angela Chun. He is Hawaiian so the more the merry and it was a fabulous time. Their families were so kind and the food was good and there was a whole lot of it.

Santa came to visit while we were at our neighbores house, but he came in the form of a dog.

Just kidding, our neighbores have a cute dog that they dressed up.

Afterwards we called our families and then saw the movie, Bedtime Stories. Absolutely cute movie one the whole family would enjoy. The day after Christmas some friends from San Francisco came down for the weekend. While they were here we did a lot of shopping and other fun activities like Scandia (an amusement park in CA). They have two kids, a 4 and a 7 year old so most of the activities were geared towards draining their energy. We had a great time with them and can't wait to have them over again.

For New Years we met up with some people in the ward and just played games and celebrated the new year. I have this shirt that I wear every new years. My mom gave myself and my siblings 2000 Millennium shirts and I have kept mine since. I used duck tape and change the last digit every year. The shirt is getting old, but it is fun to pull out each year. And of course we brought in the New Year with a kiss. :)

The rest of the holiday we spent hanging out with some new friends, eating, shopping, starting a solo drummer and then singing career on Rock Band, leveling up on Gantlet, shooting bad guys in Medal of Honor, watching Stargate, and relaxing. I got to do some fun things that I have been meaning to do for sometime now. I love holidays and cannot wait for the next long weekend. Until then I will work hard, but play harder. :)

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  1. Glad to see you guys had fun during the holidays. Jen & I made lots of friends within our appartment complex early in our marriage too. Hearing your experiences reminds me of those times and the fun we had.

    Keep smiling and know that we miss you. Look forward to showing you our new home the next time you are in town.


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