Tuesday, January 13, 2009

ITS BACK!! dodododododododododo

Hooray! American Idol is back on TV tonight. It is a new season and they are changing it up so it should be pretty awesome. I am very excited. Lars can't say the same. I love this show because it is fun, cheesy, exciting to see some dreams come true, but sad and maybe a little relieved to see some never happen. Lars doesn't care for it because it is rigged (I realize this as well, but am OK with it) and it is just not his cup of tea, but what he really doesn't like about it is that it take me away from him for a few hours a week. How cute is that. The only time I was able to get him to watch it with me was when Neil Diamond was one of the featured artist. One of the greatest episodes ever. Jon Bon Jovi would have to be my second favorite episode. Anyway, enjoy the show tonight if you choose to watch and then my review tomorrow. The front row in my TV room belongs to me tonight. :)


  1. I can proudly say that I have never seen a minute of American Idle.

  2. I agree with you. And how cute that Lars doesn't like to be without you. I sometimes wish Brent would be that way.

  3. Hey Stephanie! I'm so glad you found my blog. Keep in touch!


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