Sunday, April 18, 2010

Small Changes, Big Impacts

Today I got released from both of my callings. I was a Relief Society teacher and the Ward Music Chair. The music chair was fun, but was stressful at times. I loved loved loved being a Relief Society teacher and cried when they asked to release me. I learned so much about the gospel and myself. I learned how to be a better teacher from the spirit and from a few sisters from the ward who took me under their wing. I am grateful for both callings and all I learned from them. Music has and will always have a powerful influence on my life and loved the opportunity to bear my testimony through song. I never taught a class before I became a teacher in Relief Society and the growth I experienced was amazing. The sisters taught me so much, I love them so much and the unity we have, and I learned how to be a better daughter of God through the teaching process. I witnessed more than once the spirit take over the lesson and testify that what I was teaching was true. It was amazing and will never forget it.

Well you know what they say, once you are comfortable somewhere things sometimes get shaken up a bit to keep it fresh or in my case "keep it real" :)

Since I was released from both callings and haven't been put in a new one yet people from our ward have been asking if we are moving. Nope, not yet. Still on our lease and we will see whats happening after it is up. I would like a new apartment because I am tired of this scene and the noise and smoke our neighbors make. Until out contract is up we are just making do.

That's all from me. I will post a blog about our Iowa trip soon.

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  1. It's always kind of disappointing to get released from a calling that we love. And to be released from both at once? That's pretty crazy! but I know the Lord has something great in mind for you. You are too awesome not to be kept busy.


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