Monday, June 21, 2010

Surprises are Priceless

Plane ticket to Utah from Long Beach...$$$
Ingredient for homemade Chili Verde...$20
Scrapbook supplies to make a memory book...$5
Rehearsals with Rich and Bev for singing telegram...$0,
but 10 minutes of coaching Rich not to say anything to ruin the surprise.
(He did good)
Seeing the look on your parents faces on not 1 but 2 surprises...PRICELESS

This weekend two family events took place. It was Father's Day & and it was my Mother's 60th Birthday. Once I realized that both events were on the same day, back in January, I thought it would be cool to fly in and surprise both my parents with the best give of all...ME! I have kept this plan a secret from the world since then, only my husband, siblings, and employer knew of this.

I flew in Friday and had a much needed "ME" day. I met up with a friend, visited my old office, had lunch at The Judge, got some Banbury donuts, went to the Strawberry Festival in Pleasant Grove with my in laws, and just relaxed and hung out. So much fun!

Saturday morning the big surprise was revealed. My in laws, Rich and Bev, knocked on my parents door to present them with a singing telegram while I was hiding around the corner. They sang Happy Happy Birthday from the children's primary book, Rich played his harmonica while Bev sang. The last verse goes something like this. "If I had one wish then it would be, a Happy Happy Birthday to you from ME!" I popped out from the corner at the last part and shouted ME! My Mom's reaction was so priceless. She screamed and I ran to her and she hugged me for 5 minutes and just cried and giggled. She would not let go of me. Eventually I got to hug my Dad and then laughed and cheered with the success of the surprise. (Thanks Rich and Bev for your help!) It was so much fun. Dad said he suspected something, but not this early in the weekend.

Saturday was spent hanging out with my parents and the festival and then in the evening we went to a choir and symphony concert with my Grandma Nelson and cousin Jenny.

For Father's Day I wanted to make chili verde for dinner. SO I prep'd that in the morning with coaching from my Dad. This is his favorite dish and it was my first time making it. Then we went to church and I snuck out periodically to come home and stir the verde ;). But what I was really doing was letting my other siblings their families in so we could all make dinner for my parents. We made a taco bar with all the trimmings. Then when we got out of church we walked over to the house and when my parents opened the door everyone was there to yell SURPRISE! Happy Birthday and Father's Day! I think they were surprised at how it went down, but I think they had a hunch something was up. The rest of the evening was filled with food, laughter, conversation, and reminiscing. We presented my Mom with a book that all her kids put together for her. It was 60+ reasons why Mom is Super. It was a fun evening.

Today is my last day in Utah, my Mom and sister and I are going to hang out and just be together. I needed a little break from life and have enjoyed my mini vacation. The best part of it all was the joy from my parents seeing both of their surprises. Good times!

P.S. I will post pictures later.

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  1. That is so stinking cute! What a great surprise. You are so much fun.


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