Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Surf's Up!

On Memorial Day we went to the beach and Lars went surfing for the first time.

He was hot in his wet suit
He caught a few waves
This should be the cover of sports magazine

I think this one is funny because he is on the wave backwards
Coming back from a fun ride. Lars said his arms were like jelly afterwards. He had fun and will do it again. I didn't surf this time, but I will next time.
I took this picture of our friends little brother. I like it because the wind is blowing and it is just a good shot and he is a super fun kid. He looks pro but he has only been surfing for a year.

I took all these pictures on our friends camera. She had a huge lens and I felt like paparazzi because it was set up for action shots and it took a lot of frames really fast. I just sat on the beach for an hour taking pictures from a distance. It was fun.

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