Sunday, May 30, 2010

What Happens in Primm stays in Primm

DTI Crew that came

My company had a summer Primm. We went on a state line turnaround. We boarded a bus at 6 am. , drove to Primm Valley, the bus dropped us off for 8 hours, picked us up then drove us back home. On the way in we had raffles, games, bets, and all sorts of fun. Lars and I don't gamble so we went shopping, got massages, had a buffet, and played in the arcade. We did see some fun themed slot machines like this Star Wars one pictured here.

I did put a few bucks in the penny slots and won 13 bucks. On the way back we relaxed with a movie and chatted with my coworkers. It was fun and I would so do it again.

This is the last post I am officially caught up.

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