Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mother's Day

We got to see both our Mom's for Mother's Day. It was one of the best Mother's Day to date.

We went to the Golden Corral with all my family and even met up with some of my cousins.
My cute nephew, Michael
My sister and I
My Mom and I

My cousin Teresa and I.
She served as mission in Japan and this is the first I have seen her since she has been home, which has been about a year. How did I survive that long without seeing such a pretty face

On Sunday we gave my Mom our gift and she squealed with joy she saw her cute card. I didn't get a picture of it, but it was priceless.

Then we went to Lars' Mom's and had a nice lunch with all his siblings. They all surprised his Mom and got her a new laptop. Her reaction was just priceless and awesome. I have it on video and I will post it once I get it from Lars' sister.
Delicious ice cream pie I made.
Tina and Angus
Mom with her computer
Lars and Tim hanging out with Angus

Seriously such a wonderful Mother's Day. We got to see all our families and hug our Mom's.

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  1. HA! HA! Teresa can make some awesome silly faces. that picture is great!


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