Sunday, May 16, 2010

Go Me!

So I want to blog about our Iowa trip and our recent trip to Utah. However, we are having an issue with our hard drive...its dying. Therefore, I am using it as little as possible until we get everything transferred to a new hard drive. So those posts will have to wait because I like pictures with everything.

But in the mean time we are still alive and well. Work is fine, our health is fine, still trying to reach our goals (film, financial, and baby) which can be frustrating at times but we are praying for help and I know the Lord hears us so things will work out when they are supposed to.

Recently I set a goal to lose 15-20 pounds before the end of June. I mostly want to tone up and rid myself of the unwanted weight I have gained from stress and from...well honestly I am lazy and I like junk food. I was at an idle weight at the beginning of the year and still losing some. But I like food in a bad way and have let myself go a lot. I think at times I am an emotional eater and I may not be in the mood to eat donuts and stuff but I do because it is there. Like at work, there is always crap at work to eat and if I don't snack on something healthy before lunch, which is always when some of our heavy workload comes in, I get cranky and stressed so I end up eating something not good for me then eating my lunch later. SO I have had to be serious about this goal and have stopped eating most crappy food. It was on our drive home from Utah that I decided enough was enough and that "this time" I was serious. Replace some of the crap I eat with fruit and veggies and less bread. I still eat junk, but not as much. A few small bits of something sweet can satisfy the craving. Then that's it! I have never been one to go cold turkey on candy and turn 100% health nut. For me, there has to be a balance between the two. The trick is finding my own balance between the two that leaves me feeling great and getting the results I want but still enjoying what I already know I love and choose not to live without 100%. I like donuts and stuff and won't deprive myself of them, just eat them in moderation is all.

Then there is exercise. I enjoy exercising because it clears my head and is fun, but not when I make it into a chore. I work out on Tuesdays with a friend in the ward then usually work out on my own the rest of the week. When I am on my own I mostly end up playing Gauntlet and work up my character a few levels instead of myself. So I added Wednesday as a work out day with my buddy, I walk during my lunch hour, try to work out in the evenings if my schedule permits on Monday and Thursdays, do something active on Saturday like Yoga or running, and go on a walk on Sundays with Lars.

I will reach my goal and then maintain it. As long as I feel good and it works for me. I think the time I was the most fit was when I was unemployed. I exercised 2-3 times a day and ate small meals. The I got a job and had to balance everything else in life. We all can't have personal trainers or gym passes. So just do what works for you and what will help you feel good and happy. I don't have this goal to be Hollywood skinny, just to feel good and tone up a bit.

I am not perfect and haven't been 100% at eating or exercising, but I have been better than before and after only a week I have seen some good results, which is motivating for me to keep at it.

P.S. I rock at speed bag!

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  1. Good luck with your changes and goals.. I feel like I've been working on mine forever and I need to change things up a bit to keep going. But seeing results makes all the work worth it.


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