Sunday, May 30, 2010

Grandma Anderson's Funeral

The first week of May we had an unexpected trip to Utah, Lars' Grandma passed away. It was sad, but a good thing too. She was 93 and lost her husband 5 years ago. Now they are reunited and I know families are forever so we will see them again. Here are a few pictures from the funeral that I really liked.

Grandma was known for her cookies so everyone made some for the viewing to share.

Lars and Sarah goofing off.
Its stereotypical for someone within a family to fight about something at funerals.
The caption I saw when I first looked a this picture was, "Stay away from my cookie."
Not to worry this was nothing serious, just over who made the best cookies. :)
I think Tina won for making the cookies closest to Grandma's.

Flowers the grandkids got for Grandma. They were the brightest and most beautiful.
All the flowers were blooming and happy.
Steve, Valane, Karla, and Beverly. Grandma's surviving kids.

Lars and his Uncle Steve. They look a lot like each other.
All of Lars's siblings and their families.

Thanks for all the love and support. It was a beautiful service.
Families are forever!

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