Monday, November 15, 2010

The Adventure Continues...

Saturday I slept in. My coworker and I slowly got up and decided to go find some southern food. We checked out a restaurant a few blocks away but wasn't impressed with the southern selections. Not southern enough for us. So we started walking towards the beach. 2.5 miles later we were there. It didn't take that long and the conversation and the views of all the yacht and other boats made it seem short. Once at the beach I ran to the water and dipped my feet in the Atlantic Ocean. I went to Orlando when I was a kid and think we went to the beach but i can't remember. The water was very warm and the same was beautiful. I sat in the sand for a long time and just played and dug for shells. Then we got some food and did some shopping. We ended the night at the Cheesecake Factory. Later in the week we took a boat taxi and got a tour of some of the houses along the river. I learned a bit of history of the area and enjoyed people watching. I did get the 24 hour flu and soup and sleep helped me overcome that.
I ate really good on this trip. Almost too good, I couldn't wait to eat some homemade food and inexpensive food when I got home. The area we were staying in was really nice and mostly had sit down restaurants. If we wanted anything else we had to take a cab there. A few days in I found a Subway, it felt good to find some inexpensive food. I never got my Cuban food but I did have....
Po Boy Shrimp and Jambalaya
Eggs Benedict
And some amazing desserts
Yeah, I know, my life revolve around food sometimes.

The plane ride home was stunning. I am always flying Jet Blue because the service was amazing and I was entertained between the free food and the t.v. in front of my seat with a ton of channels to choose from.
I really enjoyed my time in Fort Lauderdale. It is beautiful and I had a blast working with this team. I really needed this trip. I got what I came here for. I am leaving with more confidence in my ability to work and within myself personally. On of my favorite things about my position is that it is a lot like my experiences with Theatre. The process it takes to produce the work and service we provide our customers is a blast from start to finish just like Theatre productions. I get involved with a group of fine talented people and together we work hard, sometimes with blood, sweat, and tears, and we put together an amazing production. We have a blast during the process and in the end feel very rewarded from our efforts and the end product. It is very rewarding and makes me feel great. Because of my experiences with Theatre I love my current position. We go into a new site and clean it up and reorganize it. We get it ready for our companies implementation, invent or fine tune the current procedures, and provide nonstop amazing customer service. Most of the time the clients are appreciative and blown away at our process and attitude. I thrive in that environment and find it very satisfying.
I also made some amazing friends. Dee Jay, you were such a kind roomie. I really enjoyed our conversation and I love your spunk. Phillip, you are so smart and I enjoyed hearing your laugh. Oscar (Mister Sir), you are a super manager and I love attitude. You were a blast to hang out with. Frank, you work hard dude and were a delight. I miss you guys and cannot wait until we work together again, hopefully in the near future. In the mean time I will stay blonde, sing beautifully, and keep the white out close to the computer.

Thanks Florida...and for the rest of the possible cities I may visit, look out here I come.

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