Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sexy Bots

Over the 4th of July weekend Lars' half brother, Glenn, and step-sister, Bonnie came to stay with us. We had an absolute blast hanging out with them. They were the coolest house guests and oh so fun. I love being a big sister and YES I did wake up early just to jump on their beds and wake them up.
We took them around to some fun touristy stuff and ate lots of delicious food. We went to Venice Beach, Downtown Disney, and Hollywood Walk of Fame. Every time we went to leave the house I would shout out, "Barlow, Madsen, Smyth Bots...Let's Roll Out." (The reference is from Transformers) Those are each of our last names, long story. Eventually we shortened it to "Sexy Bots" :) We loved having them and look forward to their next visit. Enjoy the slideshow of our adventure.

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