Monday, July 25, 2011

Baby is Getting Older

As of today I am 14 weeks. Hooray for 2nd Trimester!! Let me tell ya, so far it has been pretty rad. A few weeks back I went on a good nonpuking up streak and didn't puke for 5 whole days. It was wonderful, I even had energy. So morning sickness is getting better and is starting to go away, for good I hope. If I throw up it is usually on Thursdays only, not sure why but that is the pattern. I also haven't needed ginger ale as often. Heartburn still exist but Tums have rescued me there. I love having energy again, it isn't at 100% and I am always ready to go to bed by 8:30 pm, but it feels different to me and I hope to get a lot of baby stuff done on this wind of energy.

My clothes are getting tighter so I have reverted to wearing sweat pants or skirts when I am at home and the same work pants that are currently the only ones that let me breath. I should do side pics of my belly, those will come later. I don't think I am showing that much but I am rounder and firmer in that area. At first, I felt like I gained 10 pounds because my 3 meals turned into a million tiny meals (disclaimer, I am not one to count the scale pounds, that just doesn't matter to me, I base it off how I feel, when I work out I feel good so I work out and try to eat healthy, but mostly eat what I want and Yes that has changed since the bun has been in the oven). At my first doctors visit I learned I only gained 3 pounds, at my second visit I discovered that 2 of those pounds were lost due to morning sickness. Yesterday I jumped on a reliable scale and I am back on track to keeping this bun happy and healthy.

Anyway, so back to clothes. I am grateful I have some local friends and long distant family members willing to share their preggo clothes with me. I tried shopping and was lost at what to buy and where to start. I tried a few stores and figured out what works for me but the price for a pair of pants was outrageous, $65 for a pair a jeans EEK! So I bargain shopped and found a pair of maternity capri's for $5!!!! SCORE!!!! This pair will last me until I get other arrangements made. :)

On to the really good stuff. At our second visit we had an ultra sound and got to see the little one.


First of all, the ultra sound really tickled. I am very ticklish and kept giggling as the midwife moved it around to find the sucker. It was fun to see my belly move on the screen.

The amazing part of our first visit was hearing the heartbeat. It was amazing and still brings me to tears when I think about it.

The amazing part of our second visit was this.....

(Front view)

The baby actually looks like a baby and not a bean anymore. It was seriously amazing, it is really really hard to describe what I felt other than JOY!!!! It made it even more real cause it was moving and looking at us and probably wondering why I was giggling so much. :)

(Side view)

It was beautiful and priceless and I cried and this wonderful feeling came over me and stayed with me and Lars for a very very long time and still comes back when I stop and ponder on this. I love it and I never want to forget this feeling. I love how all these emotions just keep building on eachother and getting better and better.

We find out what we are having on August 22nd.

Any guesses????


  1. Well my guess is from the ultrasound your having a dolphin. I've never been able to make sense of those pics so don't take it personal.

  2. Hey you should check out a store called Mothers secret in orange. Very timy place but they have used clothes Maternity & child. Lots of good stuff. Call me and I will go with you...I am so excited for you guys.

  3. I didn't know you were expecting! Congratulations!!

  4. You are so cute, Stephanie. I'm so excited for you!

    I think you're having a girl, but I reserve the right to change my guess as many times as I want before August 22!

  5. It is so fun to watch you document your journey through your first pregnancy. Keep us posted on the gender.

  6. I hear ya on the clothing dilemma. I've used craigslist successfully a few times.

    Cute pics. It is such a good feeling to see your baby, I love it and never tire of it.

    I never have any good guesses at the sex. Either one is going to be so much fun. I'll be excited to hear what you will be blessed with.

  7. How did I miss this post?! I'm so excited to be pregnant with you:-) I'm going with girl.


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