Monday, January 16, 2012

39 Weeks Final Count Down

Yep. We are on the final count down. Last Wednesday night I lost my mucus plug and I had a doctor appointment Thursday and found out I was dilated to a 3. WAHOO! That just put me in a whirlwind of "gotta get things done." All the last minute things I kept putting off, i.e packing for hospital, washing baby clothes, final set up of baby's room, and last minute purchases got done by Friday. I wanted to get to those things done earlier, but work has been nuts with new sites opening, heavy recruiting, and a new boss to transition in all right before I go on leave. I am officially on leave now and I love it. I am pretty impressed with myself for working so long. and I probably could have worked longer. But honestly I was sooo ready for the break. I was getting trunky and the events of the last few days made me anxious. I wanted to make sure I left work with enough time as to not leave things undone suddenly. 

SO now that I am on leave it feels like I am just waiting for this slow labor process to continue. I imagined it going a lot faster and I guess I can't complain because I am experiencing progressive signs of labor everyday, but I suppose I am ready to move onto having my little boy in my arms so I just want to get this over with. Some friends have told me that the last few weeks are the hardest. I can see why. In this exact moment I feel a little icky like I am on day 3 of a really bad period. LOL but hey it is all part of the progress so no complaints. I have loved being preggo but I want to, as they say in Canada, 
"Move On" or "Take Off, heh". Everything in its right time I guess. 
I am keeping myself busy with various projects around the house, books, movies, and walks. 
I feel like everything I do could be a final thing before I go into the real part of labor, last meal, last trip to the store, last phone call made. LOL. I am setting this up too much and probably just need to chill out. 

Yesterday Lars and I thought it would be fun to talk Roan into coming out now. We both started laughing and nothing and then said to my belly. "That was funny, guess you have to be out here to see it. Come join us on the outside Roan and see for yourself." LOL we are silly. 

Wish me luck with these final days/weeks. Maybe today will be the day...hmmmmm

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