Monday, January 16, 2012

Project 52 Let Me Help You

My friend Karen has this thing that her and another friend came up with called Project 52. It is fantastic and you can read about how it works here  The gist of it is that you pick a project/goal each week to accomplish by the end of the year, 52 weeks in a year=52 goals. It is really cool, but too ambishus for me for now so I will just stick with my previous post of goals. A lot of my local friends/bloggers have been posting what their goals are for the year some via Project 52. I think some of the goals are so awesome, things like, take a self defense class or eat eggs benedict for the first time. As I was reading their goals I decided to add one more goal to my list, Help my friends with their goals. This will 1) help me get to know them all better 2) give me a new experience with them or just something else fun to do. 

So if you want any help with any of your goals let me know what I can do and I am there. It can be anything from going to eat something new with you, to taking a class with you, or just being a soundboard for ya. 


  1. It's definitely a lot more fun to accomplish goals with a friend!

    Thanks again for this morning. It was so much fun!

  2. I need help painting the Living room!!!


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