Saturday, December 31, 2011

SO long, farewell....Hello there!

So 2011 is over. 

Today is a time of self reflection to look back at the year and the goals I made and see how I did. First, I wanna say that I really loved 2011. The last few days a lot of people of facebook have been down on 2011. Now I know we all go through different challenges and I am not saying that 2011 was the best year of my life or that I look at life through rosey glasses, but come one people, seriously was it that bad? I had a fun year, granted I had my ups and downs this year, but at the end of the day I really can't complain. I am super excited to see what 2012 will bring for me and my family. Before we get to those goals lets look at 2011 Goals.

Send birthday cards via mail or email to family for their birthdays
I only did this for the first month of the year. Afterwards I either made phone calls, did the FB birthday wish, or did nothing. 

Be honest and ethical in my daily dealings
I am proud to say that I improved a lot on this and feel like I was blessed for my efforts, especially at work where this can be the most challenging. 

Go to the temple every other month
I went probably 2-3 times this year. This is something I would like to improve on for 2012

Read my scriptures 3 times a week
Meh. I had good weeks and bad weeks with this. 

Read the Ensign cover to cover
This was pretty easy to do and now that we have the LDS app on my phone we stopped buying the magazine. I love having the scriptures and other LDS tools at my finger tips. There are times during my day where I try to skim the apps instead of wasting my time on FB stalking people. 

Read a book each month
When I first started this goal I knew I would suck at it. And I did, sorta. I read the Hunger Games series, 1 book from my book club (Enders Game, but technically I only got half way then I finished with the Clip Notes, I am a cheater), then I read 2-4 pregnancy books. SO I did read a lot of books. In 2012 I am going to continue this but be more specific with it. 

I always give excuses and reasons for simple everyday actions. Nothing major. Just dumb stuff. As an example, one time I was going down the elevator and I had to tell my receptionist why I was going down. No big deal though and what does she care. SO for this goal I want to refrain from giving people reasons or excuses for my actions. If they need to know why then they will ask.
I rocked this!

Be more confident in everything I do.
When I did stuff I tried to commit to them trusted the choices I made. I did good here but will forever be improving on this. 

Listen more
This will forever be a goal as the biggest room in the work is room for improvement. 

Be the first to order off the menu at a restaurant. 
As long as it was the same restaurant I did awesome. :)

Cook dinner 5 times a week. 
We had some good weeks where I was motivated and in the cooking groove and off weeks. All in all not too shabby and our budget and getting out of debt is proof of this. 

Stay fit and healthy. ~ I never want to say diet or loose weight. Though it would be awesome to be at my prewedding weight. I just don't think it is going to happen unless I starve myself. I am gorgeous and content with what I look like. I would like to keep my healthy eating and exercising habits because they make me feel great!
I have never been more confident with how I look and feel and that confidence has helped my self esteem steer clear of rude comments people have made since I have become pregnant. There were days when I felt like a walrus, but I would work through it after my own personal pep talk and some love and support from Lars. 

Reconnect with old friends
I did get a chance to reconnect with a small handful of old high school/college friends and loved it. 

Draw or paint a picture each week.
I wasn't good about this at all like I wanted to be, but thanks to Brother Koenig, I will be drawing on the church program every Sunday. He prints a black and white picture of the temple on the program with the hopes that kids will color. I color and have gotten incredible creative. At the end of church I give him my program to keep. I hope he is putting them in a book or something and maybe someday I will publish that book. :)

Dance more and sing out loud
Continue to smile
These two are fun and I will always be doing now matter what.

So not a bad year as far as getting my goals done. I really could always do better. Now for 2012. I will be having a baby in a few weeks so most of my goals for 2012 will in one way or another probably be directly related to this new chapter I am en devouring on. I will also be turning 29 in a few weeks. I made a lot of goals to myself to accomplish before I turn 30. My clock is running out on those so this year is the homestretch to accomplish those goals or extend them. I am super excited to see what this year has in store for me. I know it will be very hard at times, but with faith and smiles I am sure I can do it. 

2012 Goals
Be an awesome Mom (Last year I said I either wanted to have a baby by the time I was 30 or get a dog, the baby beat out the dog :) We will still get a dog but not for a few years)

Continue to be an awesome Wife

Get back in post preggo shape after baby is born (eat healthy and exercise weekly)

Continue to have my own interests and identity after the baby is born (I am going to love being a Mom and will give it my all, but I still want to be me and get away from time to time and not let my child define me entirely to the point that I don't do anything for me or am sad. I think to remain sane and balanced I will need to continue to pursue stuff for me. Balance has been my biggest worry about becoming a Mom. In the past I have been the go to person for everything but I am learning to take it easy and put myself first in certain things so I can be sane and happy enough to take care of my little family better. After the baby is born I want to be able to balance the responsibilities I have in a way that keeps me happy enough to continue pursue those  responsibilities  /interests, ie work, homemaker, church callings, etc.)

With that last goal being said I would like to read 6 biographies this year. 

Continue to have date night with Lars, even if we are improvising now that we are parents. 

Take an art or sewing class

Finish writing the musical I started. I have the story idea down but I just need to get some songs together.

Participate in a local Theatre production

Finish the Book of Mormon again

Create a profile

Go to the temple 6 times

Be more active in politics. I love discussing politics as of late and have become more passionate about standing up for what I believe through politics. 

Go shooting at a gun range twice and maybe even buy a gun

Go camping 3 times with my family/friends

Sing and dance to my baby boy everyday and help him laugh and love life as much as I do

There ya go. Wish me luck. Make it a great year everyone!


  1. Hey great goals! The one about continuing to have your own identity and interests after the baby is SOOOO important. You are going to love that baby to bits and be an awesome mom!

  2. You did a great job this year and you have some awesome goals for 2012. Can you believe this time next year you'll be planning a first birthday party??


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