Monday, December 12, 2011

Fortress of Pillows

Lars and I have accumulated a collection of pillows over the years as we are hard on our pillows and try and get new pillows every 6 months or when we can afford it. We have kept most of our old pillows for our guests to use when they visit. Right now we have enough for 8 guests. After my belly popped a bit I started sleeping with an extra pillow so I could use it to prop up my back in order to get used to only sleeping on my sides. As the weeks have past we have slowly added more and more pillows to the fortress. I have one for my back, one fore my knees, and one that I sometimes use for my other side to hug or hold onto or lean up against, and Lars recently started using one for over his head to block my snoring that has become more frequent. I am sure it has something to do with my ability, or lack there of, to breath through my nose at night as a pregnant woman.

I didn't realize how many pillows we actually use until I went back to bed this morning after seeing Lars off to work. I crawled back into bed and rearranged all the pillows to the middle of the bed and made myself a cozy fortress so no matter where I turned I was surrounded by pillows. I remember when we first got pregnant I looked into preggo pillows and body pillows, but I couldn't bring myself to paying so much money for either when I knew we had all these guest pillows to use. We have gotten a lot of use out of them and after the baby comes I will sleep somewhat normal again and we will again have plenty of pillows for guests again.

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