Tuesday, November 29, 2011

32 Weeks and a WIDE LOAD

I am 32 weeks now.

Meh. Not much to report. Business as usual I guess. I was real sick the last two weeks with a bad bad cold, but other than that life is grand.

I look at pictures of myself from when I first got a bump and then I thought I was so big, but now when I look at myself and compare my pop it is amazing to see the difference.
20 Weeks

32 Weeks
I never know how to pose my face. I really can look sleek and chill but I am a goof.

I know I am not a wide load and I am exaggerating when I say that. I do joke about being a chub from time to time. Some days I feel huge, but I know I am not that big and still have some healthy growing to do before the baby comes. But sometimes I think when people see me they move out of the way a bit. Yesterday, I was walking up the parking lot stairs and I swear that everyone that passed me going down moved over to the side and said excuse me as they passed. Maybe they were just being nice or maybe I was walking too close to the middle of the stairs or maybe I am a wide load and when I breath heavy and walk people can only move out of the way for fear that I will trample over them :) LOL Either way I get a good laugh at it and try to wear the outfits that make me feel the most womanly and awesome more than the fatty ones. But hey, I am not complaining. I look and feel amazing but some days I feel funny and that is apart of the process.

In other news over the Thanksgiving break my neighbor helped me sort through all my baby clothes I have so far and I have a good amount of newborn to 6 months clothes, but not a lot of 6-12 months clothes. It was fun getting everything organized and imagining a little baby in all those outfits. I also got registered at Babies R Us to get a free gift card. We are also registered at Target and Amazon. I get all sorts of deals and coupons from those places now. I love it and feel like I am stealing money from them sometimes. We are still getting situated and need some basic stuff, but it is coming along.

The dreams I am having are crazy at times. Nothing scary anymore, just weird. Every now and then I dream about a little girl, not sure why. One night I dreamed that I was trying really hard to breast feed our son but he wouldn't eat and yet he kept getting fat as the dream progressed. I accused the people helping us of bottle feeding him behind my back, which is out of their character because these people are super respectful. The dream continued and I wouldn't let our son out of my site, then in the middle of the night I went to check on him and a little leprechaun snuck into the babies room and was bottle feeding him. WHY??? Once I solved the mystery I woke up right away. Such a crazy weird dream.

What weird dreams did you have while preggo?


  1. I had nightmares about babysitting my friends' kids, and they would come in with blood pouring out of their eye sockets and with their faces all cut up and bloody, saying that my baby had done it to them.

    Also had lots of dreams that my baby wasn't really mine, that my friend had had a baby the same day and switched her at the hospital.

  2. It's so funny how I see you all the time, so I didn't realize how much you've changed until the other day. And this post really put it into perspective!

  3. Believe it or not, most of the dreams that I remembered when I was preggo with the first one were about babies drowning. Scary, huh? Yeah, I don't really remember many of the strange dreams I had then, but I do remember that after he was born, I was constantly dreaming that he was getting into impossible situations and I would jump up out of my sleep to save him. Situations like crawling on the top of our open door, or balancing like a board from the night stand to the bed from his head to his toes, and weird things like that. =)


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