Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Fall Ya'll

We celebrate Fall in style at the Barlow Household. Especially in our belly's.

It has become tradition to get funnel cake from the Catholic School's Country Fall Festival that they hold across the street from our house. Now I make my own funnel cakes at home but it is fun to get other funnel cakes from time to time...especially with friends.

We are pretending to be Catholic here. We were for an hour by supporting the school in buying a funnel cake. There was a Priest there too but we were too shy to ask for a photo with him. ;) Also, our someone from our Stake Presidency was there too so no need to concern yourself, we are still very Mormon. :)

The Christensen's and the Barlow's (wives are in a very preggo state)

After the Fair we had a ROOT BEER AND PIE PARTY EXTRAVAGANZA! I honestly just felt like making pies and wanted to share them so we threw a party. Well we also hung up pictures around the house so let's celebrate that too. Lars made his homemade root beer which is always fun to do.

mmmmm pies and other goodies

For Halloween we dressed up for work and our Church Halloween Party. I won an award, 10 years in the running, GO ME!
Lars was even more festive than ever in his Orange Pumpkin shirt.

Hope ya'll continue to have a nice Fall with lots of goodies, friends, and family.


  1. I have a very important question. Why is this the first time I'm hearing about this Fall Festival thing? Because that funnel cake looks amazing and now I want some.

  2. We stumbled upon it last year by chance. And then this year we just walked right across the street to it. I guess the catholic school has one every year, but this years was lame. They didn't have any rides or anything fun. SO the only worthy highlight was the funnel cake. Come over to my house and I will make you a funnel cake as I have a deep fryer and make them from time to time. We will have a little something something for that one Sunday afternoon.

  3. I am behind on my blog reading. Looks like you are having a nice fall. Love the costume. It is already winter weather here in Idaho.


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