Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Today we cooked for two. We originally wanted to just get a bunch of turkey legs and cook them in our dutch oven, but we waited to long to buy them and they ran out. So we got the smallest turkey we could find and cooked it like a normal turkey. It turned out fine, not my best honestly, but still good. We had all our other favorite trimmings, mash potatoes and gravy, cornbread stuffing, Lars' famous candied yams and apples. We had a lot of fun cooking and eating. We also bought 3 pies. :) But we only dug into one of them later on in the evening. We also got to skype with all of our families and saw The Muppet Movie (review to come later). I got a ton of reading, blogging, and relaxing done while Lars played Starcraft multiple times with his brother and friend. All in all it was a fabulous Thanksgiving. Plus side is that we still have a long weekend. I love this time of year, lots of cooking, food, family, and friends, and singing Christmas songs. :)


  1. I'm glad you had a nice Thanksgiving!

  2. I have that same glass dish too. I didn't get enough Thanksgiving in November, so I am making a turkey breast tonight.


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