Thursday, November 24, 2011

Utah Trip 2011 (Cool Stuff We Did)

We go to Utah every year. But this last trip was one of the best. Most of the time we go visit we end up packing our days until we are blue so we can see as many people as possible, often times it ends up being frustrating and stressful. But this trip we got to see more people than usual and it was stress free. Everything just fell into place. We had a blast with everyone and ate lots of good Utah food (like fry sauce everyday, seriously, I found a way to eat it everyday). We loved it so much. Not sure if it was all the preggo happy hormones but it seriously was one of the best trips ever which made it hard to come back to Cali.

I wanted to post all about it when we returned, but work and then getting sick consumed me. Now it is catch up time (as you can tell from all these posts that I am knocking out in a row). Hope you enjoyed them so far. This is more or less the conclusion of awesomeness from the trip. For a review of the first part of our trip check out this and this.

First, Lars celebrated his 31st Birthday while in Utah. Now his birthday is during General Conference, which sometimes overshadows it a bit. So this year, his birthday was LARSFEST. Which was a combination of his birthday and Hanukkah. I gave him a gift each day for Larsfest, and on the back of each banner was a clue as to what the gift was. Most of the gifts were movies that he has been wanting. It was fun and cute and he was genuinely surprised during all of it, which was my goal because he is hard to surprise. Then on his birthday we went out with some dear friends and had a blast. Lars wanted a pie for his birthday so we had pumpkin pie with our families later on.
My friends Stephanie, me, and Kristina. We are each holding our babies.

The Barlow/Madsen family got together to celebrate Mom, Wendy, and Lars' birthday. We went to two buffets while in Utah, Golden Corral and Chuck-a-rama. I liked Golden Corrals steak, salad bar, and mac and cheese best while Chuck-a-rama had the best carved meat.
One is a beer belly and the other is a baby, which is which?

Tina is probably my favorite sister in law of all time. SO we had a photo shoot together to celebrate how awesome we are.

I had lunch with my dear friend Rachel.
We ate exotic food.
And Japanese food. She was the first person to introduce me to wasabe many years ago by telling me it was guacamole. I know better now. This restaurant we went to is called Koi Sushi, best in Utah County.
I went to the Temple with my in laws.

I loved seeing all the fall leaves and colors. We experiences all sorts of weather there, sun, rain, and snow, and even construction if you can count that.
As always I had to get together with my old HRO family and The Judge Cafe (one of THE best places in downtown to eat)
Judge brownie and sugar cookie
Best green enchiladas on the planet.
During General Conference my Mother and Mother in law helped me tie a quilt together that I had pieced together before our trip.
Here is the final product that I just finished last week.

So that was our awesome trip in a nut shell. Seriously an unforgettable trip.

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