Friday, September 30, 2011


We are in Utah for the next 10 days.

We were gonna leave on Thursday morning, but then my manager meeting on Wednesday evening got cancelled. Seeing as how we were already packed we got off work early and hit the road. We made killer time and beat all the bad traffic. We made more pit stops than usual so I could use the potty and stretch my legs. We could have driven all the way through to arrive at my parents by 2 am but decided to spend the night in St. George to relax and goof off. I slept in the most comfy bed ever and woke up to waffles. Thanks Marriott, I love being apart of your rewards program. On the way up we stopped at Cove Fort and took a long tour of the historic site.
It was actually pretty cool so check it out. We pass it all the time on this yearly trip, finally we stopped and it was worth the time.

The closer we got to our destination the more construction we encountered. It was like proceeding deeper into a dark cave that gets uglier and uglier. Since I have been living in California I have become more patient with traffic and stupid drivers, but no state has ever had construction like Utah. They have a saying here, "There are two seasons, winter and construction." It is the truth. I just don't get it. Half of the construction they are doing is on roads that just got done with a previous construction job 1-2 years ago, some roads are on their 4th face lift. I find it a little short sighted that they keep messing with things that from where I stand seem fine and wish that they would just invest more into expanding their Trax system. I am probably not allowed to really complain about it thought because I don't live and pay taxes here. It is a little annoying but I will get over it. I am just glad to be hanging out with my family and friends here.

So hooray for vacation and all that it will entail, construction and all.

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  1. In all the many, many times I've driven between Utah and California, I have never stopped at Cove Fort. I need to do that one of these days.


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