Friday, September 9, 2011

One Ring to Rule them ALL-Winner!!!

You voted and now I will reveal which one was which.

The wedding ring that rules them all is.....

Ring B
Lars proposed with the diamond of this ring on a hill in Bountiful. The diamond was his Mother's. Together we picked out this set from Shane company before we got married. I love it because the two rings look intertwined as one, which is what I wanted in my ring because I think it represents my marriage. Two become one.

Second trimester ring is Ring C
This ring was given to me by my singles ward roommate. She had a fake ring to wear to the gym and when she got engaged to passed it onto me for protection from creepy guys. It was a princess cut, her favorite, that she had gotten from Walmart. :) I kept it in my jewelry box and knew it would come in handy during my pregnancy when my fingers swelled. They have swelled some, my real wedding ring fits, but is very snug and hard to get off. I don't want to risk having to fuse it off so for now it is put away in a safe place. However, vendors are always hitting on me at work, so I still need a ring for protection. Thank you Melanie for the protection.

Third trimester ring is Ring A
This ring is much larger in size. I am not sure if I will need to graduate to it, but just in case here it is. My best friend since childhood, Karin, and I would hang out in Provo monthly. She went to BYU and I went to SLCC. One night we thought it would be funny if we got fake rings together. We went to Walmart and got the largest and cheapest matching rings we could find. We purposely got them a few sizes to large so we could wrap string on them to wear them, like a boyfriends High School class ring. LOL. We wore them around for a bit and secretly giggled and shared the funny comments people made to us. Oddly I think within a year of buying those rings both of us got engaged and trading in these rings for pretty smaller ones. But it was sure fun and worth spending $8.88 at Walmart.

But there can only be one ring. Thank you Marly and Shawna for being the only ones to vote. The prize is pride and fun. Hope you enjoyed it.

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