Friday, September 16, 2011

What's in a name?

Lars and I want our babies name to be unique and special. We both have Danish blood and would like our kids to have Norwegian or Scandinavian names. Lars's own name is very unique. How many people do you know are names Lars that don't play the drums? We want our kids names to have special meaning behind them and give them a name that they cannot shortened into a nickname unless they earn themselves a nickname through their personality.

So our current pick for our son's name is:

Roan Barlow

pronounced Ro-uhn

Lars found that it means ancestor. We prefer the one syllable spelling too. I think it sounds very barbaric or viking/warrior like. This name just feels right like it would fit him and us. It is a Danish tradition to have your son's middle name be the mother's maiden name. Lars shares his father's middle name which is his mothers maiden name. Should we follow that tradition then his full name would be Roan Stark Barlow. Meaning ancestor to Stark and Barlow. I like how it sounds, but am still open to other ideas for middle names.

I have also considered ways to make fun of this name, there will always be a way to make fun of a name so unless it is really bad I really don't think we should care about getting around this.

Ways to make fun of this name:

Roan Roan Roan (put to the music rolling rolling rolling, roll'em in raw hide)

Roan Roan Microphone.

I am sure there is more but those were the ones I could think of that made me laugh out loud. What kind of a Mom am I? I am already laughing at my kids name. LOL.


  1. Don't worry, you're not alone. I thought of every possible way for Ophelia's name ("I feel ya!") to get picked on before naming her that. But in the end, you know what? I didn't care. It's her name and it's beautiful! And I think Roan is a great name.

  2. You crack me up!

    If you're going with Stark as a middle name, I still think you should name him Tony.

  3. I like that name. I have actually heard a couple names that were similar. I have 2 friends with baby boys. I think one of them used the name Rowen and the other chose Ronan. R names must be the new thing this year.


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