Friday, September 16, 2011

Red Carpet

Life...I love it!

I am so grateful to so many people for so many things right now. Life is just feeling pretty dandy right now. Not everyday is a bed of roses for sure. Work still gets me frustrated and the amount of stupid drivers in the world is increasing by the minute it seems. However, there really isn't much to complain about and I am loving everything around me. Guess I just want to take sometime and sorta put a bunch of stuff out there that I have been thinking about.

First off, thank you to some awesome ladies for loaning me so many maternity clothes. They are so expensive but I haven't had to buy much thanks to you. Plus you all have some very very good taste so I feel like a runway model or like I am on the Red Carpet and the paparazzi are asking me who I am wearing and I say...Annalisa, Shawna, and Lori.

Yep. I look like a fabulous hot mama thanks to you.

Next up, thanks to all the ladies in our ward. I really like our stake. I have been in two wards in this stake and have gotten to know a lot of people. They are all great. I served in the Stake YW's Presidency for a year and loved it. So sad that calling is done for now, but look forward to the next great thing. I am a people person and just love to know people and have been able to in this stake. A week ago I attended my ward's book club. Probably one of the funniest nights ever. We laughed a lot and ate a lot of food and cooed over the babies and the cat in the room.

My family has been pretty cool lately too. Or at least I appreciate them more then I used to. I find myself calling my Mom more and more just to chat about lame stuff.

This little guy inside just makes me happy beyond belief. I can feel him move around now and I love it. I was at 18 weeks and sitting in Relief Society when suddenly I felt what is best described as strong bath bubble action. I knew it was him. Prior to that I kept thinking I was feeling him, but really I was reading into anything because I wanted to feel him. But when I felt that first action I just knew it was him. Since then it has gotten stronger and has changed from bubbles to flutters and some punches or jumping. The flutters tickle from time to time. One day Lars was in the other room and could hear me giggling from upstairs. He came to investigate and I put his hand on my belly, but of course he wouldn't move for Lars. But he was jumping around more wildly then I have ever felt. Since then whenever I feel him move for more than a minute I grab Lars' hand so he can feel. Success was made last night. We were watching a movie and Lars held his hand on my belly for about 5 minutes. Then suddenly he jumps and Lars gasps. He said he got punched in the palm of his hand. I think little Roan was giving him a high five. LOL. Anyway, I am super grateful I get to feel this guy moving because it brightens my day more and more.

We leave for Utah in less than two weeks. I am so pumped for a vacation. Plus I get to see my family and friends and the fall. I love the fall and watching the leaves change. That is one thing I truly miss. CA just keeps blossoming and stays green. At least the area we are in. With Fall arriving it means one of my most favorite holidays is coming...HALLOWEEN which also means pumpkim pie, apple cider, costumes, and carmel apples. Most wonderful time of the year.

SO there ya are. Enjoy life and make it great.

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  1. I love feeling my babies move. I never got tired of it, even when they were huge and it would occasionally even hurt.

    BTW - You look great!


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