Monday, September 12, 2011

Muppet Monday makes me Happy!

It has been an eventful Monday. I got a lot done at work, but had a few curve balls thrown at me, one of them being my first experience of having to refuse service from a messenger trying to serve a subpoena on one of my attorney's. Needless to say I followed a long procedure and could not accept the subpoena and then spent sometime listening to the messengers choice words and attempt to belittle me. Thankfully our toughest looking attorney walked into the reception area at the right time and scared the guy away. Security was called and blah blah a process was started at investigating the messenger. Let's just say that the messenger service got an even nastier email from a big wig attorney with a few of his own choice words. An apology is on its way and I did my job. No physical harm was done so honestly I am all good. I cried for a minute cause it just wasn't nice of the guy to be SO MEAN! It was just annoying because I was trying to do my job and help the guy out, but my hands were tied. I am blonde and beautiful, but am not stupid and will not be intimidated into giving people what they want when they are childish and yell at me. I have grown some thick skin over the years and know how to use it. I am glad I know who I am so stuff like this doesn't get me down.

Anyway, So I had planned to share my letter to the Muppet Movie makers about why I should be invited to their movie premiere in November but ran out of time for the day. SO instead I will share this video that makes me happy because despite the crazy any events of Mondays or any day the Muppets make me happy and life is still pretty darn good.

Click here for the video since computers are against me today. LOL

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  1. Booooo to mean old meanies! Glad you didn't let him get you down. You're too awesome for that!


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