Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Recent Quilt Project

I have kept all my old shirts from girls camp, EFY, High School sports, and theatre in a box in my closet for many many, 10 years to be exact, years. In hopes that one day the crafty bug will tickle me and I will somehow make them all into a quilt. Two weeks ago that bug caught on in I discovered what fine work I can do when I am disciplined enough to start and finishing a crafty project. In a few hours I cut and sewed the top part of the quilt.


Now all I have to do is add a border to the edges, batting, a back, tie it together, then sew up the edges. I am hoping it is easier than it sounds. I am motivated to finish the project by Halloween. Maybe sooner if I take it with me on our vacation to see family in Utah in a few weeks. Either way when it gets done I will be sure to post a final picture of the quilt in all of its glory. At least now a I have a free space inside my closet that is the size of a box. :)

Shirts from the sporting years, softball, volleyball, and powder puff. If you can't tell #7 is my favorite and lucky number. Shrits from TheatreShirts from EFY and Girls camp

A shirt from U-Hall on the BYU Campus. I really loved this quote and have tried to live by it.

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  1. That's so cute, Stephanie!

    I don't have the patience for quilting. I'm an instant gratification kind of crafter. If I can't finish a project in an hour or so, I get bored and quit.


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