Monday, December 26, 2011

36 Weeks

Here I am at 34 weeks
Here at 36 weeks

Probably not much difference. Some days I feel huge other days normal. I still love being pregnant. It is a process getting used to the limits of movement I have now. My feet are swelling more often, especially my right foot. I think I lean on it a lot so I have been cautious about how I have been standing so I even the balance a bit. I am not as graceful anymore either. When things fall on the ground I either leave it, take a knee, or squat to pick it up. In an attempt to take off my socks one foot at a time while standing and I fell over, thankfully onto a sofa chair so it was a soft landing. Clipping my toe nails has also been an adventure. I think I will get a pedicure before the baby comes as touching my toes is well..hard. In the past when Lars and I went on walks I would always walk faster and he would have to ask me to slow down. Now I am the slower walker. :)
I don't think I am craving anything anymore. Just normal eating when I am hungry or less than that as I fill up quick and the days that eat a lot I have indigestion so I try to keep a low key on the amount of food consumed at once. I still have heartburn from time to time.

Baby Roan has found my ribs too :) I often wondered what that would feel like, it is rather uncomfortable with a lot of sharp pinching. When he goes there I try to just breath and massage the area and talk him out of playing in there. So far it is working. The last few weeks his kicks, punches, slithers, and movement have increased. I can tell where his butt is too. I love love love feeling him move and have tried to record it but once the camera comes on he stops and as soon as I turn it off he starts up again. GRRR! Soon I will get him on camera.

That's all I got for now. :)

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