Tuesday, April 10, 2012


We have ourselves an Easter Bunny. :) 

Easter weekend was so much fun. 
Roan went to his first birthday party, his friend Claire Bear turned 1. 
He played with the other kids and discovered grass and some bugs.  
  Then in the evening we made Easter eggs with our friends Aaron, Marly, and Baby Dane. 
 Our Creations

The eggs I made. It was my first time blowing out eggs, it was so much fun.  
 Lars made Roan a special eff that said, "Roan is my buddy"
Then Lars made a cool egg for himself that said, "Lars Rules"
Marly made some beautiful eggs that are good enough to sell. 
It was a blast. We need to paint eggs more often. 

Sunday was a fun day, Roan and I both wore yellow and of course we didn't get any pictures of it. 
Next time.
I love going to church on Easter and Christmas because most of the talks and hymns are all about the Savior and His sacrifice and undeniable love for each of us. I love the spirit and how strong it is around this time.  I have a testimony of Jesus Christ and that He Lives and loves us. Plus Easter is a time to be with family. We live far away from them so we called them instead. We also went on a walk around the park near our home and it was packed with people. I tried to count how many gatherings there were and I stopped at about 24 groups.What a perfect time of year to remember how awesome life really is as spring is upon us. Between General Conference, Easter, and  the spring weather I feel more renewed and refreshed around this time of year.


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