Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mother's Day

Mother's Day this year was absolutely fabulous. It was my first official Mother's Day. I told Lars not to make a huge fuss about it and that all I wanted to do was be together as a family. That is exactly what I got and it was awesome. The entire weekend was themed, "What Does Mom Want To Do Now?".

ate at Arbys
slept in on Saturday
ate at Pink's
walked Downtown Disney
took pictures at the Lego store
bought new sunglasses
walked the Mall and shopped
ate Cinnabon
relaxed and watched a few movies
ate BBQ
went to church
hung out with our neighbors and got cooked breakfast for lunch by our husbands
Google Chatted with the in laws
talked to my parents on the phone

In between all that I got showered with kisses and hugs from Lars and Roan. Roan was the most playful and happiest yet. He must have known it was my special day. I loved it all and it felt wonderful to be appreciated. Mommyhood is awesome and tough. This early stage of motherhood has given me a realization of what my Mom really did/does for me. Thanks MOM! I love you and aspire to be just as awesome as you are. :)

 Seriously though, who cannot just love being this kids Mom. 


  1. He is super cute! What a fun day. You were busy that weekend.


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