Friday, May 4, 2012

The Movie Experience

I miss going to the movies every weekend. This is something Lars and I did often. I am not saying that Roan is the reason that we don't go. Right now we don't go because of a combination of  not having the time and the money and then making the effort to find a babysitter. I feel like I have been disconnected from the movie world the last 4 months, for good reasons though. I guess I just miss this activity that we did as a couple. I used to read up on movies and watch trailers to pump myself up for what is too come. I knew about every movie coming out from the blockbusters to the super lame movies. Typically January and February are dry months for good movies to come out so I don't think I missed much as I was really disconnected from everything around that time. But lately I feel like I have no idea what is going on in the world because I don't know what came out that weekend in the Theatres. Silly right. The other day I saw that a movie was out now that I remember seeing the preview for 6 months ago. At that time I said I totally want to see that. Now it is out and I had no idea it even hit Theatres. 

I still keep up at movies at home through Hulu and Netflicks. We still have fun as a family watching movies. Though the dynamics have changed some. Most of the time during a movie I am either playing or feeding Roan. Lars is so good to tell me what is happening in the movie when I am unable to pay attention. Sometimes Roan is really good at playing by himself so I am able to enjoy the movie, other times he is not and that is okay. I feel bad at times when I am holding him and we are watching an intense or scary movie and I get startled and jump and then he jumps. 

I think I am ready to get back into the swing of things and enjoy the movie experience again. Roan is getting older and I am getting more comfortable with leaving him with a sitter. When he is old enough he will join Lars and I on our movie outings so he too can enjoy the movie experience that I love so much. 

I love the smell of the popcorn, 
getting to my seat early just so I can watch the screen scroll 
through the premovie trivia and useless movie facts,
feeling like I am a regular at our Regel location 
because the old lady that takes our tickets smiles and chats with me. 
Then loving or hating the movie we watch, either way I am entertained and taken to another time and place through the action, romance, or story that unfolds in front of me. 

That is what I love about going to the movies. Sure watching movies at home is inexpensive and fun but there are some movies that are Theatre worthy, and it is those movies, and sometimes more that I don't just want to see but experience! 


Lars and I are going on a special date tonight to have dinner and see this movie. We seriously booked a babysitter a few months in advance for this. I am so excited! Not just to see this movie, but also to get out and enjoy the experience of going to the movies. 

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