Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Business Stephanie

Thanksgiving week was really awesome for me. Things have been super fast and busy lately I was really looking forward to a break from it all. I was supposed to work for an hour the day after Thanksgiving but I was able to trade. I am so glad I did. Work has been crazy and I have been pulling in OT here and there. I even had to work late on Thanksgiving Eve. I feel like I have been working from one thing to the next and have only been in business mode with everything. I could feel that I was needing a break and just needed to stop doing everything and breath and take part in the moment. SO that is what I did. I didn't work, I put all of my church responsibilities on the back burner, I even tried to steer clear of social media. I just focused on me and my little family. 

For Thanksgiving we hosted Lars' Mom's family at our house. Then we went to my brothers house for dessert. Everything was really chill and relaxing. Then for the rest of the holiday weekend we seriously did nothing but be awesome together. We stayed home and worked in the yard. I pulled out some of my art supplies and did some water color painting while Roan was napping. I haven't done that in years and I loved it. I cleaned the house a bit and got a few minor things prepared for Christmas like our decorations. We also went shopping at the mall together and it was really not packed at all which was weird. I guess we got lucky on that one. 

Best of all time just went really really slow. That was my favorite part of the break. I was having fun and it was lasting forever. I didn't want to come back to work. Things have been pretty busy since then but I got rested and am renewed and working on focusing on the little moments rather than being in business mode all the time. That alter personality of mine is cool but not as cool as keeping it real Stephanie. Let's hope the latter will make more of an appearance. 
 We made cookies and it was awesome
(Seriously these are Lars' cookies and they are amazing)

 Roan loved them

Fun Decorations 
 Thanksgiving Day 

Roan played by himself a lot too and I loved it. He is super cute. 

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