Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Lucky to Get Used to It

Gosh I am so lucky to live near my family. We are within a few minutes of 2 of my brothers, one of my cousins, 3 of Lars' cousins, and one of his Aunts. I love being near family but I have a is taking some getting used to. That sounds bad, but it is by no means meant to. I don't mean it in the dramatic sense. Thankfully all of my siblings and cousins are older and mature enough than we used to be to keep the drama out of our lives. I love that too because I myself was very dramatic back in the day. That doesn't mean I am not now, only difference is that I try to be dramatic when it counts rather than over stupid stuff. Anyway, I love being near family but you have to understand....Lars and I have come to be very independent since having lived away from family for 4 years. We learned to make do on our own and kept our families in the loop on a needed basis. And it worked because it was life...then. Our support system then was our wonderful group of friends, and they still are there to help us no matter what or where because some friendships just don't have any distance. I could live on the moon and these folks would still be there for hugs and love. Now we have family surrounding us. Wonderful family that are here and more than willing to help when we need them. The idea of calling them up and having them hop over for simple thing like fixing a car, babysitting Roan, or just to hanging out is something I am getting used to. Again, not in a bad way, just getting used to the idea that Lars and I don't have to be as independent anymore. We CAN let people into our lives more and we CAN put ourselves out there to help them in return. We have more opportunities to grow our relationships and to serve.  It is actually a wonderful thing and something I am super grateful for. On Sunday I attended a small get together with a few of these family members. I thought about all of this as I was driving home. I am so grateful to be surrounded by family and even more grateful that I AM lucky to be getting used to it and loving it.

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